Rock scab


Strupanitsa includes a huge rock mound with an area of ​​13.2 hectares on the right bank of the Iskar River. Majestic rock blocks of various shapes, yellowish to almost white rocks “sprayed” with brown to black and divergent processes that make the aggregation magnificent, with an incredible point of view.

The formation of Strupanitsa is part of the erosion of the Iskar River within the rocks, which now passes near it. And after the legend of Strupanitsa, which is passed down through the generations, it reads:

“In ancient times in the cave around Iskar lived in complete unification of the world, a hermit, voluntarily renounced society. His name was Grandpa Everki. He was spiritually elevated and endowed with superpowers, people from the village who respected his unification, believed in his world and consulted with him only on extremely important issues. One of his predictions was that “the time will come when silk will be worn, but people will cross.” The people of the village violated the will of the saint with cities and deeds and in his anger, he cursed them. People began to get sick, to die, even natural forces, as if to turn against them with all their might. People left with gifts and requests to beg forgiveness for the village and its people. The saint’s response was: “Words could not return, but let’s the curse fall on these rocks” and pointed to the rocks that fell with a crash. At this way Strupanitsa has been formed. This landmark is located 10 km from the hotel.