Saint Marina

The monastery of St. Marina is on the right bank of the river Iskar. The church has been restored.
The rock church “St. Marina” is a unique monument from the late Bulgarian Middle Ages built in the 14th century and painted by local painters. 

In XIII and XIV in the lands of Byzantium and Bulgaria a new trend in Christianity emerged – the doctrine of Divine energy – hesychasm. Inhabited by hesychastic monks, the church is a silent witness to the repeated burning of the Karlukovo Monastery, located on the opposite bank of the Iskar River. Surviving the years of Turkish slavery and preserving the faith of the local population, in the early 19th century the church was left without monks and gradually declined. It is built on an inaccessible rock platform in a niche about 20 m from the river level, it was built of local quarry stone associated with mortar. It had a wooden structure and a gabled roof with ceramic tiles. According to scientists, the murals were made by two masters. The more experienced of them was brought up in the traditions of Paleogoic painting and reminds the master of the Ivanovo’s church. The other has a drier and more graphic style, reminiscent of Romanesque murals or their older examples from Cappadocia.

This landmark is located 9 km from the hotel.