At the disposal of our guests are heated pool with silver-ion filtration, Finnish and infrared sauna, aroma steam bath, contrast shower, jacuzzi. 

The pool is semi-Olympic by size, with varying depths from 135 to 180 cm. The children’s area is from 50 to 55 cm deep.

The temperature we maintain in the water is in the range between 31-34’C

In the pool area you can find:
– Finnish sauna
– Infrared sauna
– Aroma steam bath
– Contrasting shower
– Water simulator
– Jacuzzi
For the summer season, the pool has an indoor garden with a beach with sun loungers.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is the most popular type of sauna in the world.
It is a kind of “dry sauna”, which means that the wood which is in it, is heated by a stove or electricity and heat-retaining stones placed on the stove. The main purpose of the sauna is to reach a very high temperature (60-80ºC), which leads to a heart rhythm (comparable to walking), stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins from the body through sweating.
If you have a slow circulation, then a weekly sauna can help eliminate toxins and achieve glowing skin.
Depending on the benefits you want to achieve, you will determine the frequency and duration of use of the sauna. Remember that despite its beneficial effects, the sauna is contraindicated for some health conditions.

Infrared sauna

This sauna, based on infrared technology, is more effective because the heat reaches deeper into the skin. Only 20% of the radiation heats the air, and the remaining 80% – the body. Penetrates deep into the skin. It relaxes the body pleasantly and has been proven to help reduce various pains. It slows down aging, increases the level of growth hormones and is recommended for people with heart problems, arthritis, eczema and chronic fatigue. The results of infrared sauna are obtained at lower temperatures than ordinary sauna and can be better tolerated by people who cannot withstand the high temperatures in other saunas or steam baths.

Steam bath

Steam baths are closed rooms that are heated by steam. The temperature varies, but steam rooms are usually maintained at a temperature between 45 and 50ºC.
The steam bath is the most ancient way to achieve a balance between mind and body. It helps to clean and expel the toxins from the body, improves blood circulation, metabolism, respiration and immunity.
The steam bath can improve your health in several ways:
-Open the pores. Warm condensation removes dirt and dead skin, as a result of which the skin becomes clean, moisturized and with a more even complexion. It is recommended to use it before cosmetic procedures for full absorption of the useful products.
– Improves your cardiovascular health. Research shows that moist heat improves circulation, especially in the limbs. Improved blood circulation can lead to lower blood pressure and a healthier heart.
The steam bath can have a beneficial effect on the body but remember that in itself is not a type of treatment. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the steam bath is not suitable for some health conditions, pregnancy, recovery from surgery and others.
After use, for a better effect, it is recommended to pour a cool contrast shower.

We leave the spa experience with open access for guests who do not spend the night in the hotel.

PriceGuests from 2 to 14 yearsGuests over 14
Monday-Sunday6 BGN17 BGN

Children up to 2 years (under) use the pool and children’s area free of charge.
Children from 2 to 14 years old (under) use only the pool and children’s area.
The price is per person, for a single visit and includes a heated pool with silver-ion filtration with a temperature of 31 to 34 ° C, Finnish and infrared sauna, aromatic steam bath, contrast shower, jacuzzi
For information and reservations: +359 879 300 867
Working hours: 09:00 – 20:00