Eco Path Iskar- Panega
Eco Path

Iskar- Panega

The eco-trail stretches along the Zlatna Panega River. The route is dotted with rock arches and picturesque geological formations of about 100 million years. The color of the water is blue-green and the river is dotted with many beautiful meanders. Bridges, gazebos and benches have been built.

The biggest attraction in the eco-trail is a kayak or water bike ride on the river Zlatna Panega. The end of the route reaches the Sindikata dam with a fabulous house on the water.
There are 6 water bikes, 5 double and 5 single kayaks, 2 motor boats for 10 people, which is guided by a guide, every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

This landmark is located 3 km from the hotel.